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Club Philosophy - "Passion and Purpose"

Minnesota Select Volleyball Club is dedicated to the personal and athletic development of youth through the pursuit of excellence in volleyball. We seek to provide the highest level of volleyball training. To this end, participants in our Junior Olympic program can expect not only outstanding team training but also outstanding position-specific and skill-specific training.

Minnesota Select is committed to helping its players improve as overall athletes. A systematic approach to improvements in explosive power, agility, and physical conditioning are part of each athlete training program.

Regarding playing time, Minnesota Select recognizes that participation in competition is a critical part of each players development. Moreover, we believe our coaching staff shares the responsibility to develop an on-court role for each player that lends to the competitive success of the team. If we didn't intend to play all team members consistently, it would be wrong to accept their money when they joined the team. In short, we will work tirelessly to help all Minnesota Select players and teams be their best through developing and utilizing all of their talents.

We seek to promote integrity and leadership among our players. Our coaches recognize and embrace that they have a unique opportunity to help their players develop skills beyond the volleyball court as well. Players will learn and be reminded often of the value of important principles such as hard work, commitment, perseverance, and teamwork.