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Spotlight on Select - Multi Sport Athletes

By MN Select, 02/22/16, 1:00PM CST


Hannah Gail joins her team at the State Basketball Tournament

MN Select prides itself on being a club that welcomes and encourages multi sport athletes. 

While playing for Minnesota Select Volleyball Club requires hard work and commitment, we believe our philosophies and coaching staff provide excellent support to participants taking on multiple commitments.

Hannah Gail is a great example of an athlete who is dedicated and successful at multiple sports. This weekend, Hannah will be participating in the Girls HS Basketball State Tournament. To the right is a picture of her and her coach (who is her dad) after the section final game. Congrats to Hannah and the entire Warrior basketball team! 

Here is what Hannah's coaches had to say:
"Hannah is a committed and talented two-sport athlete! She has made tremendous sacrifices this season to play at MN Select, both in the distance she is traveling, and also to compete in two sports at a high level. She has been an invaluable addition to our team and club, and we are excited for her to represent her school at the State Tournament!" - Kayla Cole

"It's nice to see the sincere support MN Select gives to our multi sport athletes. I truly enjoy (as a coach) being able to tell a player, truthfully and with integrity, that we want them to live their life and enjoy their other sports. It really helps them enjoy volleyball more, and after all, they only get their high school athletics experience once. It makes me proud to know Hannah could focus solely on basketball the last two weeks, knowing we were cheering for her from afar. We will welcome her back to the team with open arms when basketball ends (maybe with a state title)! Good luck to Hannah at state!" - Brian Revell

"We are so proud to be associated with such a great young woman like Hannah. Since MN Select began in 2004, we have helped innumerable players navigate participating in MN Select Volleyball while also participating in virtually any sport or activity you can think of. We take pride in supporting all of these players achieve their goals on the volleyball court while they also work toward their goals in another sport or activity." - Scott Jackson, Director